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Dogging needs the involvement of an exhibitionist (normally a highly sexed female or couple) and a voyeur (or group pf voyeurs, usually men), and is  invariably conducted in a public place which increases the sexual excitment for all concerned. Doggers either randomly meet (often at night) or meet up at a prearranged location. Locations include car parks, country lanes, and laybys, with the exhibitionists engaging in sexual activity with their interior lights on in the hope that the voyeurs will start to watch. Depending on how the dogging session progresses this could involve masturbation by all concerned or full blown sex with the willing female participant.

Or in simpler terms : An opportunity for a bunch of blokes to wank over, get a blowjob, or fuck a horny slut who loves a bit of cock .... it doesn’t get much better than that !

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Doggers like nothing better than fucking over the bonnet of a car - it’s a classic and can be found in all dark country lanes throughout the UK and in Herne Bay too if you know where to look.
Dogging In Herne Bay
Herne Bay Dogging Locations - Maps and Directions
Get the boot open, get the legs open, and it won’t be long before a group of doggers starts sniffing about. Free sex is waiting for you in Herne Bay right now - join the dogging club to find out where.
Dogging is a healthy pastime - all that fresh air and sunshine as she gets fucked both ends in the grass must be good for the body, and the dirty doggers love it. Outdoor activities are waiting for you in Herne Bay too if you fancy some fresh air.
The back of a van is a popular venue for dogging. If you ever see one parked up in Herne Bay take a quick peak in the back, the tell tale signs are a mattress on the floor and cum stains running down the back window - those dirty doggers.
Did you know there are dogging locations close to you right now - with thousands throughout the UK there will be horny exhibitionist women and couples in Herne Bay fucking outside right now waiting for you to turn up and watch them
It doesn’t get dirtier than this - did you know that Herne Bay could be the horniest place in the UK. Your work colleagues or your neighbours could be fucking in public just down the road from you in Herne Bay and they would love you to watch, wank and maybe get a blowjob from that hot and horny slut wife of his ....
Dogging in Herne Bay - If you’re interested in finding out where the best dogging locations near Herne Bay are, or just want to view thousands of pics and videos of other dirty doggers fucking in public then consider joing the Herne Bay Dogging Club. With member submissions, chat, online forum, stories, photos, videos and more you’ll either be wanking over your computer or over a dirty slut from Herne Bay who wants your cock.